Grooming A Golden Retriever – Not A Chore But A Perfect Opportunity To Bond With Your Dog

Golden Retrievers are a naturally beautiful breed of dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be groomed. You have two choices for grooming a Golden Retriever: either go to a professional groomer or do it yourself. You might be a bit reluctant about doing the grooming yourself if this is the first dog you’ve ever owned. Most things you do for the first time, no matter what they are, can be a bit tricky. After doing something once, however, the task usually gets easier. Golden Retriever grooming do golden retrievers shed the same way.

You could always take your Golden to a professional groomer, but you’d be missing out on a great opportunity to bond with your pet. So, give grooming your dog yourself a try if you can. After you’ve done it a few times, you’ll both enjoy your future grooming sessions because you’ll be spending quality time together. And, it certainly beats watching all the negative news on TV!

Use a soft, gentle voice to talk to your dog while you’re grooming, because it can calm and relax him. He’ll come to look forward to your future grooming sessions together.

Brush your Golden Retriever at least once or twice a week. He should be brushed at least that often because Golden Retrievers shed, and a weekly brushing can help keep his hair off your clothes. More importantly, you’ll also want to brush him regularly in order to keep his beautiful golden coat gleaming and free of tangles and mats. However, the most important reason to brush him weekly is because it will help keep his skin and coat healthy by stimulating blood circulation.

Golden Retrievers love water and they certainly love to swim. In fact, many of these dogs will jump into every pond or puddle they can. It might be a bit different, though, when you want to give your Golden a bath. He won’t be afraid of the water itself, but he might be put off or even frightened by the bathtub, especially if it’s his first bath. You can help him accept being in the tub by first putting him inside without adding any water. While he’s inside the tub, give him a few treats and soothe him by praising him in a soft and gentle voice. Bring him out of the tub after a few minutes and give him plenty of treats and praise. Once he’s used to the tub, add enough lukewarm water to get his feet wet. Repeat the process every day until he feels comfortable being inside the bathtub. After you’re sure he’s comfortable, you can start spraying his body with lukewarm water. Once again, praise and give your dog some treats. He’s ready for his first bath when you’re certain he’s used to standing and being sprayed in the tub.

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