Traditional invitations – Printing Options

Did you realize when that comes for you to purchasing your wedding announcements, the type of publications you pick is a good massive factor in often the cost?

Here is some sort of listing of the common forms of print you can get as soon as you visit your printer.


This is typically the most classic for associated with printing. It is additionally the most costly. An burned invites has raised letters about the front which is pushed through so anyone can feel the idea with the pack of often the documents. Engraving is usually used for really formal invitations.


It is the good alternative to this costly engraved printing. You’ll get the look of decoration for half of the cost.

A good thermographed party invitation has increased lettering that is shinier than engraved print and will do not press through typically the back of the paper.

Lithography (Off Set Printing)

This specific type of invite is usually printed with printer nevertheless does not have increased letters. It is less costly than possibly decoration or thermography.


When you’re on the tight budget this is some sort of great idea. Invitations will be produced on a good laser light printer, both on a pro print shop or at your home. The end up should be very identical to that produced by lithography.

If you happen to be a inventive person together with want to make the individual stationery, here are some tips to hold in mind:

Get excessive quality blank invitation forms. (Don’t neglect to order many extras for procedure! )
in thiep cuoi dep that is formal, crisp, plus easy to read to help make it look like properly generated print.
Be extremely careful the announcements are usually fed over the printer direct and smoothly.
Calligraphy rapid Handwritten
If you are having the small intimate wedding as well as want to customise your own invitations a written by hand invites on lovely invitations is a nice idea.

Handwritten invitations can be used for a elegant as well as informal wedding.

You could get a calligrapher unless you experience beautiful handwriting. If you cannot find the money for to hire a calligrapher, a visit to you local computer printer can solve this difficulty. Most equipment are now able to duplicate handwritten calligraphy getting exclusive software program for 50 % the price of a professional calligrapher.

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