What is the secret why a man should want to marry a woman?

  1. A man must like woman’s appearance. And a woman must correspond his standards and be his icon.
  2. She must be smart, beautiful and educated.
  3. There should be some mystery in a woman and this mystery should be kept as long as possible. Men should love us for this mystery.
  4. I guess there should be some zest in a woman. She also should be housewifely and supportive. She should be a little crazy.
  5. A woman must be the woman to get married to. A man must see such a woman in you. When he knows this is his woman, he will not let her go.
  6. A woman should be open and honest with him.
  7. A woman should cook well.
  8. If there is the harmony of trust, mutual understanding, and love in the relationship, this will be the secret of a happy marriage.
  9. A woman should treat him well, and give him the reason to want to be with her. And he’ll marry this woman immediately. What goes around comes around.
  10. A woman should be genuine, should not demand anything and push him. If both of them want to be together, they will get married.

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